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Firande brudpar

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First look
Wedding shoes
First kiss at the altar
Go out on the stairs

Emilia and Christopher 

Borgeby Castle

Wedding coordination


We are satisfied with just about everything. 

Sophie has been very helpful from start to finish. She was always available,

responded quickly and quickly came up with solutions if problems arose. 

She calmed you down when you felt stressed, and straightened out the planning in a good way. 

Great that she had contact with all suppliers, saved a lot of time and you could focus on other things.

Also very nice that she made a driving schedule and was in control of everything with all suppliers and everyone involved.

We were able to enjoy our big day to the fullest knowing that Sophie was on top of things. 

She made our day MAGICAL!

Sophie is always very happy, positive and exuberant. She never sees any problems.

Very calm and harmonious and it is contagious. 

Sophie is the best and I'm so glad she was with us throughout our planning and  wedding. Yes everything!!! 

Forever grateful. 


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Bride and groom holding hands
Happy bride and groom
Wedding dress
Happy wedding couple in sunset

Sofie and Christopher


Wedding coordination

We are incredibly happy with Sophie as our wedding coordinator.

She had a solid grasp of all our suppliers, fixed a very good driving schedule and helped us

manage the inevitable stress that comes with planning a wedding.

Our only regret is that we didn't contact her sooner!

She facilitated our wedding planning immensely and was a fantastic support during the wedding day.

We highly recommend her to any bride and groom who wants the opportunity to just enjoy their special day.

Her positive attitude and pleasant treatment meant that we got not only a superb coordinator,

but also a warm friend that we could always count on.


Thank you for all your help with our special day


Felicia and Oliver


Wedding coordination


Sophie made us really could relax and enjoy our wedding day.

She was a great support infront of the wedding and had regular  meetings with us and replied  on all the questions we had.

It felt very nice that she had a meeting with our toast madams before the wedding.

We thought we would have to think about everything and row the whole the wedding day but thanks

to Sophie we didn't have to think about anything,

but just have the best possible experience on our absolutely amazing day. 



Therese and Robin

The stable yard 

Wedding Coordination, Design & Flowers


Sophie helped us all the way, from start to finish. Everything from planning flowers, different suppliers to table setting and being with us on the big day so that everything flowed perfectly.

Having Sophie through the whole process was a huge reassurance and we could really relax and just enjoy. 

Sophie saw no problems but only solutions and we loved that, throughout the trip.

We can highly recommend Sophie to other brides and grooms.

Thanks for a great job Sophie!" 


Photo Studiophotography


Yasmin and Fredrik


Wedding coordination, design & flowers


The floral decorations and table settings were beyond expectations

We recommend brides and grooms to hire Sophie, she is kind, listens to your wishes and she is creative.

Her treatment was good, she was always kind and pleasant and accommodating.  We are really very satisfied!! 

Sophie made it a lot easier for us, who had a baby right before. 

Thanks so much!!


Photo Cody Zed


Anna-Maria and Niklas


Coordination, design & flowers


We hired Sophie as wedding coordinator, designer and florist.

We are particularly pleased that we experienced less stress throughout the planning period and definitely

during the wedding day in connection with Sophie's support in her various functions.

Nevertheless, we are satisfied with her treatment during the times when you felt stressed, she has been both affirming

but also a problem solver and tackled what could have created extra stress during the days.

We are sure that Sophie's role in the wedding planning has facilitated the relationship between me (Niklas) and Anna-Maria.

This as Sophie has had open and continuous communication with us as a wedding couple and

has had our wishes and our well-being in focus during this time.

However, she has also been helpful in making suggestions that can still create one

nice wedding daybut with simple solutions we were also saved in the budget.

One of the many reasons we recommend Sophie to other brides is the part itself

that you can hire her for three different functions.

This has made it easier based on reducing the amount of different people who are involved in the process.

In addition, one must not forget the joy and warmth and the strengthening of one's self-confidence

which she contributed throughout the period.

If you want a successful, relaxing, beautiful, fun and unforgettable wedding day and more, you should definitely hire Sophie!


Photo Kruuse Media

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