Do you want to avoid stress, just be able to enjoy and have fun  big day this is the right one

the service for you.  

We are with you throughout the wedding process.  

At the first meeting you get to describe which dreams and  hopes you have for your wedding, together we take care  about planning, create the perfect wedding after your  wishes and you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest and avoid  stress.  

Wedding design


As a wedding designer, we create visual magic for your wedding.  

We help you find your personal style, with the help of mood boards and color scheme we develop your personal wedding design.

Together we decide the style of your printed matter, take  presented the perfect  the table setting  to your tables, how the wedding venue and party room should be decorated.

We choose which flowers you should have to emphasize your personal style, what color of the ribbons in the bridal bouquet and all other details that make your wedding unique.

We  decorates and sets  in order  all  infront of  your wedding  Material cost will be added.


Table setting and decoration

Are you unsure of how to decorate?
Can you not find any inspiration or is the decoration of the room nothing you want to spend time or energy on?
We make several different suggestions for table setting and decoration, together with you we decide which alternative is right for you and then you let us take care of everything. 
Or maybe you are completely clear on how you want to decorate but do not want to stand the night before the wedding with decoration and table setting, then you can hand it over to us and you
can hang out with loved ones and avoid stress.
Dismantling and cleaning are not included
Material costs may apply.
Price SEK 850 / h minimum 4 hours
With our personal style, which is airy,  meadow-like and romantic, we create beautiful flower creations for your wedding and event.
We have high demands on and use only the best quality of flowers for our flower decorations.
We create everything from the buttonhole flower for him and his marshals, sweet bouquets for your bridesmaids to beautiful wedding arches, table decorations and fantastic creations to decorate the room.
And of course beautiful bridal bouquets.
The price is based on which and quantity of flowers.

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The greatest of all is love

Wedding and event planning in Skåne & South of Sweden

Photos on this page are taken by @marcusronnerforsfoto & @hallbeckphotography

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