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Why should you hire a wedding coordinator?

It is  fantastic fun to  planning a wedding but it can also be stressful,  time consuming and difficult to know how to set up the planning. 
If you have never planned a wedding before, how do you know how to do it?
Which suppliers are reliable?
What different things cost and how to
negotiates good prices and agreements with
different suppliers?
How do you make the day flow smoothly?


When you choose to hire Magnolia Eventdesign, we plan your wedding together.

You will be involved in planning your wedding but will avoid the less fun parts and will be able to  focuses on all the fun things such as choosing a menu, what colors you want on the bridesmaids' dresses, what the flower decorations should look like, etc.

You can sit back, enjoy the whole process and feel at ease with someone else keeping track of whether you are right in the planning and nothing falls between the chairs.

On the wedding day  we are there all day and make sure that everything flows so that you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy to the fullest.

Foto @rebeccalundh
Foto @rebeccalundh

Is it expensive to hire a wedding coordinator?


It is a common misconception that it is expensive to hire a wedding coordinator

but by negotiating

forward good prices

with suppliers, helps you avoid

d yra mistakes and are professionals

on keeping costs down you get out

more of is budget