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The benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator


It should be fun to plan a wedding, but often many people experience

bride and groom that it is also time-consuming and stressful.

If you have not planned a wedding before, it is difficult to know where to go

should start and how to structure the planning.

Many do not have the time or desire to set aside evenings and weekends for planning.

While others want to plan everything themselves and just need someone to be there

along at the end and makes sure the wedding day runs smoothly.

Whoever you are, you avoid the stress of everything that has to be done before the big day

if you hire me as your wedding coordinator.

Instead, you can enjoy the whole process and feel reassured that I

holds the postures and makes sure you are in phase.

I'll be there and make sure everything turns out exactly as you like

wishes and you can fully enjoy your big day.


We are incredibly happy with Sophie as our wedding coordinator.

Our only regret is that we did not contact her sooner!

- Sofie & Christopher -


Why hire a wedding designer?


 For the same reason you hire a wedding coordinator, you hire a wedding designer.

Just to avoid unnecessary stress, unnecessary expenses and be able to fully enjoy your wedding planning?


As a wedding designer, I take care of all the visuals for your wedding.

I look for the right suppliers for you and   request quotes from them,

I manage the contact with these and guide you how you

with youbudget creates your dream wedding.

When you have hired me as your wedding designer, we book the first meeting where we learn

get to know each other better, and you get to tell us more about yourselves and your visions for your wedding day.

We make a budget for your wedding design and flowers.

After the first meeting, I start a presentation of your wedding design 

where Ipresents suggestions for everything from flowers to furniture.

Once you have approved this, I will start booking them

suppliers needed to create your dream wedding

On the wedding day, my team and I will be there and take care

all the decorations and you can enjoy your big day.

Wedding and event planning in Skåne & Sweden

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