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We create unforgettable weddings and events

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When you choose to hire Magnolia Eventdesign

we plan

your wedding together.

You will be involved in planning your wedding

but avoid the less fun parts and come

to be able to  focus  on all the fun that

  for example  to select menu,

what colors do you want on the bridesmaids' dresses,

what the flower decorations should look like, etc.

You can sit back, enjoy the whole process

and feel at ease with that

any  Other  holding

make sure you are right in  the planning  

and that nothing falls  between  the chairs.

On the wedding day we are there and make sure that everything

floats so that you and your loved ones can relax

and enjoy to the fullest.

Welcome to Magnolia Eventdesign

We create unforgettable weddings and events.
With a sense of detail and color, we create beautiful environments and wonderful memories.
We are here and help you with everything from the small details to the big event and the wedding.
We coordinate, style and decorate and offer complete solutions.
You sit back and enjoy.
We start from Helsingborg but are available for assignments throughout
Foto @rebeccalundh

Wedding and event planning in Skåne & South of Sweden

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